In the Search for Happiness

I turned 26 on Wednesday 17th. I realized that my life is pretty good at this moment. After years of research and figuring it all out. Even though occasionally I still feel like shit (as we all do) and there’s days that you could just.. well, you know. But the main feeling has been happiness. I might have found the recipe.

So what is happiness, what are the secret ingredients off that magical soup?

I think happiness comes from a certain kind of simplicity. Not to have too many things going on and the possibility to concentrate on a few things that you love the most.

People make me happy. To be close to family, have someone to talk to. Somebody to do things with. It can be a sibling, mother, friend or a spouse. Happiness is to feel loved and to love others.

Happiness is living in the moment. Looking up to the sky and feel the breeze on your skin.

Happiness is emotions. All emotions. The joy of laughing on a joke or to feel so much love that you’re afraid of losing it. It’s about the feelings of sadness, laughter or fear. To feel all those emotions in your body.

Happiness is to have things to do. Things that you love to do and feel good about doing. It’s in the daily actions.

One of the most important things is to realize that happiness doesn’t come from outside. It’s intrinsic, everyone can learn to be happy or find happiness.

To learn to be happy and eventually BE HAPPY is in the way of thinking. Are you appreciating the things you have right at this moment? Or do you live in the past memories or waiting for the future to bring you happiness?

To learn to be happy is learning to live in the moment. We all have worries. That’s life and you cannot always change the current but you definitely can change how you react to things. How do you think of them and how you move on. It’s about seeing possibilities instead of setbacks.

If you believe you can change things, you can change things. Thinking positive is cumulative. It makes you feel better, makes you smile and makes people around you feel better. You’re always affecting other people.

Happiness is simple things: loving people around you, daily activities and time to use on these things. But foremost happiness is a way of seeing things, feel and live in the moment.

Small steps to figure out what you really want and realizing that you might already have it.

That’s my happiness soup. What’s in yours?

Find some inspiration: watch Hector and the Search for Happiness (on Netflix)


Happiness can be flowers on your windowsill. (Or a SodaStream.)