Surf-Out – Workout for Surfers

This workout is great for surfers (and everyone else too): it practices especially cardiovascular endurance, power, upper body muscles and the core.

You can do it either as a circuit training (3-4 rounds, 12 reps per movement) or as one movement at a time like below.

You don’t need any equipment.

The workout lasts about 20 minutes.

Here you go:

“Surf up” lay on your stomach and jump to surfing position 3×12

Push ups keep your hands and elbos close to your body, tight core 4×12

V Crunch explosive movement 3×12

Plank with knees to abs slooww motion, 3×12

Stay in the plank position 1 minute

“Surf ups” 3×12

surf-the-waveKuva täältä